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Entertainment Guide Review
08-20-09 13:59

Valerie Lemke, a San Diego writer, reviews French Market Grille for San Diego Entertainment Guide.



RANCHO BERNARDO - Frog legs. The words harken back to grand, multi-course menus of yesteryear. Yet here they are today, the lead item on the French Market Grille's bill of fare.


Served a la Provencal in a garlic, parsley, lemon and white wine reduction, the appetizer is a patron favorite, said Patrick Halcewicz, proprietor of the Rancho Bernardo restaurant.


Through almost a decade, the restaurant has established a solid reputation with diners who come from throughout the county. On a recent visit, it was apparent that the sophisticated bistro's menu - with monthly changes reflecting seasonal subtleties - is still very authentic.


Once diners visit, they come back, said Halcewicz. The secret is consistency.


"If you have bouillabaisse today, you can count on it being the same quality the next time and the next."


The bouillabaisse is the French Market Grille's signature dish. Available at lunch and dinner, this traditional fish stew featuring mussels, clams, scallops, bass, shrimp, lobster and calamari in a savory tomato broth is an embarrassment of marine riches ...


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